Do you want to understand the effects of Vaping when pregnant? It is a common knowledge that when you smoke during pregnancy the unborn baby is harmed and this could be permanent or short stature.

This can have an adverse impact on the baby throughout the course of their life. It is remarked that Vaping is considered to be safe than smoking, so this makes it wonder on how safe it is for pregnant mothers as well. For mothers quitting smoking may seem to be difficult idea and for this precise reason they resort to Vaping. The best aspect is that it works out to be a bit acceptable than the traditional route of smoking.

Is Vaping safe during pregnancy?

A one line answer to this question is we are still not aware of it. A lot of studies have evolved around pregnant women in comparison to Vaping. The mere fact is that Vapinghas not been long enough for the scientists to draw a conclusion on it. Another point of consideration is Vaping at 0 nicotine when pregnant, as since there is no nicotine it does not go on to harm the baby. The results have still not been sure shot in this regard. One of the main reasons could be that scientists are not still full proof which the chemicals can have on the baby.

There have been numerous print material circulated in this media and who can forget the impact of the internet. But the results of all them are really amazing. A study conducted proved the fact that nearly 26 % of women admitted to smoking at some stage of their life during pregnancy. This is indeed a high number especially taking into consideration the fact that smoking is harmful for both the mother along with the baby.

When you are pregnant, vaping should be considered the lesser among the two evils. It is suggested that you quit smoking altogether, but it would mean that Vaping would be bad. One of the points of consideration is that if Vaping was helping women to get rid of the habit of smoking, it should not be discouraged in any way. An ideal solution would be nicotine based therapy that is suggested as a viable alternative for pregnant women. Studies do point to the fact that it is a valuable method to prevent women to quit smoking altogether.

It is worthwhile to mention that second hand Vaping does not possess any significant advantage to the smokers. If you are pregnant and do not vape, whereas someone in your circle does, then there is no need to panic in any way. If it feels uncomfortable to you, then you can ask them to vape outside but it should not go on to cause the baby any harm.

Baby is important in the life of a mother and they need to ensure that they are fully prepared to cope up with the situation as well.

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