With growing age it is quite natural to forget things quickly. This has happened to many people and it is very common. But, just like all problems, this one too has a solution. There are numerous supplements in the market that you can use to maintain the same level of concentration and memorizing skills like before. These supplements are not made from any artificial ingredients. Rather, all the items used in making them are selected by highly experienced doctors. Some of the supplements were discovered almost 50 years ago and people have been using them quite successfully. You can also refer to the supplements as cognitive enhancers. Various studies and researches show that these cognitive enhancers are really effective when it comes to enhancing the intellect of a person. So, you will have multiple benefits on using them. You will not only be able to memorize things, but also improve your concentration levels and enhances your intellect. However, there is one thing that you need to follow religiously and that is the dose of the supplement.

Ideal dose guide

Initially, when the cognitive enhancers were introduced, people had no idea as to how much they should consume daily. After a lot of trial and error it was found that a person would need at least 4 – 4.8 grams of the product on a daily basis to ensure proper functioning of the supplement. Users can always take a milder dose than mentioned, but it should not be overdosed. You will find a cautionary note on the label of the bottle saying that it is strictly advised not to overdose on this product and also to keep away from children. In fact, you will also find the appropriate dosage mentioned on that bottle. Different manufacturers may prescribe different dosage according to the ingredients used. Ideally, you should take 4-4.8 grams daily.

Overdosing consequences

There are people who have seen the cautionary note, but still tried to overdose on this product. Although there has not been any immediate side effect, but doctors are of the opinion that if you continue overdosing, there can be long term consequences. You will feel drowsy and sleepy all the time and there will be symptoms of nausea as well. These may seem to be manageable at first, but later you can face insomnia and that can be very disturbing. Try to follow the dosage mentioned above or better still, follow the instructions that are given on the bottle by the manufacturer.

What users say

Those who have already used these types of products found them very effective. They have noticed remarkable changes in their memorizing power and ability to concentrate on a particular subject. Even they have mentioned that any first time user would need at least 4 – 4.8 grams and it should be maintained throughout the course. It should be noted that no user has ever experienced any kind of negative effects after taking the cognitive enhancer. It is only when you do not follow the dosage that the side effects start to show.