NET or Neuro-Emotional Technique is a confirmed blend of the modern scientific research and conventional healing techniques. This technique recognizes the liaison between the environmental toxicity, emotional health, structural integrity and nutritional balance of the body. It is a procedure that is utilized to regularize unsettled behavioral or physical problems in the body.

This technique is used to treat a varied number of conditions such as body pains, headaches, general anxiety, phobias, organ dysfunctions and self-sabotaging behaviors etc. It is vital to keep in mind that Neuro-Emotional Technique does not heal or cure the patient, but instead this technique helps to remove obstructions of the body, letting it to repair naturally.

Splankna Therapy Institute developed the first energy psychology protocol based in Biblical principles, and imparts training to both non-professionals and Christian counselors. The institute believes that Christians can benefit from holistic healing when outlined in a Biblical context. The Splankna Protocol has implemented elements from three different energy psychology protocols and among them Neuro-Emotional Technique is one of the most popular one.

In what way NET Works?

Neuro-Emotional Technique is focused on the physiological foundations of stress-related replies. Emotional responses are known to include neuropeptides and receptors that rest on neurons and additional cells of tissues in the body. The neuropeptides are evicted from the neuron and transmit the set “info” to other places in the body. These neuropeptides are in a group of neurochemicals referred to as Information Substances which are discharged at times of stress. This process also takes place when a person tries to recollect an incident in which a stress has originally happened. This is the main factor in the Neuro-Emotional Technique treatment.

This is why NET is often termed as a stress-reduction method that allows better ease in the body by normalizing physical effects that may be related to the thinking and emotions of the people. The technique exemplifies well the interconnection of the bodily systems and demonstrates the benefits of a consistent corrective method to treatment.

Some important facts about NET

  • Neuro-Emotional Technique makes use of the brain pathways and patterns of general semantics, speech, kinesiology, emotions, principles of chiropractic, skin reflex points, traditional psychology and acupuncture.
  • Versatile and custom-made muscle testing is used in NET to evaluate the presence of internal stress and clash and offer a means to facilitate a purpose. The use of custom-made muscle testing is normal in this technique and helps in resolving the problem of an individual. The muscle testing procedure also aids in recognizing the initial occurrence where a problem or feeling has been invented.
  • NET helps to improve health radically and allow people to experience noteworthy personal change. Maximum numbers of people have stated that they sensed an inner change and sense of respite after going through NET sessions.

So, it can be concluded by stating that NET helps in correcting neurological imbalances associated with the physiology of unsolved stress to reduce phobias, worry and anxiety and allows an individual to lead a better quality life.