Advancement in medical science in India has been primarily responsible for the increase in the phenomenon of healthcare tourism to India. Majority people who come to India to seek medical treatment are the ones suffering from brain related problems or spine related. Bothe these categories of patients require to consult a neurophysician or a neurosurgeon.

They are available at all leading hospitals through the country and allow one to choose as per their convenience. In fact some of these doctors are world famous and have a very good track record. Top 10 neuro physicians in India are attached to two or three hospitals in different regions. However they have a busy schedule and if one wants to see the top 10 neurosurgeon doctor in India one has to take an appointment in advance.

A few common characteristics of these well know names are as follows:

  • Many of these doctors have a very good experience of around thirty to forty years
  • They have worked with some of the most reputed hospitals and health care centres in the country
  • Most of them are attached to more than one hospital in the same or in different places
  • Most of these doctors have their personal consulting practice as well
  • Most of them are based out of metropolitan cities that is Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata and Chennai or Bangalore
  • Their charges are between Rs 1000 to Rs. 2500 for the first consultation.
  • One has to take their appointment way in advance to avoid disappointment. However if you have been referred by a doctor in your local city ask the doctor to have a word and this way the long wait can be avoided.

 A few things to remember when you visit these doctors of repute:

  • Carry all the previous reports
  • Be very clear about the problems you face in your daily life
  • Inform the doctor in case you have any allergies or any medicine which is not accepted by the body
  • Make a list of questions you want to ask the doctor and do ask even if you think it is silly. It is important to put the doubts in the mind at rest for the treatment to work
  • Trust the doctor and his method

Most of these doctors ask the patient to do a specif exercises at home and one must follow the regime strictly for the best results. If the doctor has asked you to visit him again in a few months do so without fail as he or she may want to know to your progress and make changes accordingly. Take your medicines on time and follow the diet restrictions. Above all have a positive frame of mind and believe that one is in safe hands and will soon recover. .

These are many well known names but the list is exhaustive. One must consider ones convenience of place, the budget and then book an appointment.

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